Netcam Studio   Problems & Bugs

Recording stops even if there is movement (4)
Connection Problem from Mobile to server (2)
FPS Drops to 2, Disable/Enable fixes it for a while (2)
Session timeout direct after logon (2)
Scheduler irregularties (5)
Error during login (6)
Multiple Simultaneous MJPEG Feeds (2)
Global variable not updating (2)
100% CPU with 6 x Samsung SND-6013 cams (10)
Admin password not changing? (9)
NCS excessive pagefile writes wearing SSD drive (14)
Slack notification no image attatechemnt (5)
NCS Server fails to use Nvidia GPU (8)
Push notification NetCamStudio X (4)
No fullscreen in iOS and screen doesn't stay on (9)
RuleActionManager has not been initialized (4)
Netcam will no longer start (7)
Netcam Studio no longer remotely accessible (11)
Sharing Viewer Shares Admin Credentials (2)
Out of phase audio in recordings (2)
Poor Client performance (yet, resources not even close to peaking) (9)
10 Camera System Lag (7)
App reset and push notifications not working? (9)
Issues connecting to server (with client and web) (4)
Excessive Memory Commit Size (2)
Low FPS on live view when connected to NCS - tests and results (12)
Gray image on h264 with Panasonic cams (4)
Samsung Smartcam URL - Only 1FPS on netcam (2)
Failure when authenticate in library (2)
One out of four cameras stops sending a signal to web/mobile devices (13)