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Well let me restate when I access the router page I am of course on my pc

When I type what’s my up a public up returns but is that the router or my pc ???

That’s one of my questions


I do have the public ip address but I assume it’s the ip address of my pc which connected to the router in the shop as o obtain the public up address via the what’s my opinion on a web browser

This is one question I am wondering about


It looks like in the figure below. I am not interested in the IP to the router. That is probably
I must know the public IP number that your Internet Service Provider have given you. Here called publicIP.

The easiest way to get this public IP is to open a browser on the same PC that runs NCS. Go to In the search field write:
what is my ip
In return you will get an IP address. That is the Public IP address. If the router is set up as in my figure you can now use this public IP as follows. On the same PC in the shop enter
This should connect you to NCS.

In the main building write this in a browser:
This should also connect you to NCS in the shop.



Thanks in the main building (remote) can the browser be an iPhone

I cannot connect in the main building on my iPhone using the public IP address on port 8100


Since everything works in the shop it is something on the way that you need to check. I sen you a PM that is a private channel. Please answer that and include the public ip and I check from my side.



Henrik, When I configure the router for port forwarding for NCS do I want port 8100 or port 8080



See picture above.
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