Capture produce MP4 not JPEG?



When I select “Capture” it produce a thumbnail I can see in Library but when I save it to disk it produce a MP4 file with a still picture inside, that’s unusual, I was expecting some JPEG or PNG fle that is something you expect as a result of a capture/screenshot feature or may be I am using wrong feature ?



When you press Capture a jpeg image will be stored in the folders Library-Capture and Library-Thumbnails. If you pickup the Thumbnail in NCS Library and download from there the jpeg will be encapsulated in a mp4 file. Reason is that NCS use the video format mp4 internally. The feature to download directly from the Library was not there originally. It was added for some versions ago. Therefore, also the pictures is encapsulated in the mp4. The jpeg can be found as before in the Library folder Capture. If the direct download format can be different when a still image I have to check, but for now this is the procedure.




So for now this is the way it works and I will go into the local storage capture folder.

But yes I think it would be normal to get JPEG picture when you download a capture from Library because getting a single picture converted into a MP4 file is not really useful/helpful.



Well, before this feature was even implemented it was obviously OK to go into the Capture folder to get the jpg file. However, the possibility to download direct in the Library or even better in the web client is an excellent positive development so saying that “not really useful/helpful.” is really something that I do not agree with. If it would be possible to download in the jpeg format we have todd


Well, I never said the Library donwload button is not useful (on contrary it is very useful as it permit to download videos from remote access), I only said that converting the single JPEG capture into MP4 for remote download is is not very useful/convenient as you cannot re-use it easily.

For example to insert it in the middle of an e-mail, that was excatly the case that made me discover this strange behavior, I wanted to quick send an e-mail showing single capture of two cameras, so I captured them, downloaded them thru NCS library and… crap it’s MP4 file format, cannot paste the picture in the middle of my e-mail, so I tried to make a capture from my prefered video player that is GomPlayer, crap again because GomPlayer open the video file for just a second to show the single frme then close it, so I tried again with VLC and VLC showed the frame for a few second enough to click it’s screenshot button that will create JPEG file and then I could insert the picture into my e-mail, now I think you understand better why I say the converting a screenshot into MP4 is not very useful and for now I know I will prefer use the Print-Screen button :wink: