Dutch translation of NCS Mobile App 4.01


With all do respect but this is not a proper Dutch version of the software. it is merely a quick translation (most likely Google Translate was involved in the process)

Translations: Netcam Studio Web Client 2.0 and Netcam Studio Mobile 4.0

Hi @ftp.faker,

Please let me know what could be improved. Google translate was not involved at all.

I checked the translation now for the first time in the mobile app itself (I translated before I was able to see the context). The translation looks good to me. I guess we must be speaking another version of Dutch then :slight_smile:.
Only translation that looks a bit ‘weird’ is “tx_Menu_Hourly”: “Ieder Uur”. There is no real translation for that in Dutch. But if you have a better suggestion, please do so.



There’s not that many different versions of Dutch available! Only one as a matter of fact.

I didn’t look into it in detail, but at first glance I immediately noticed several words that are either misspelled, non-existent or misinterpreted.

like for example:
“tx_Header_Timeline”: “Tijdslijn”, --> Tijdlijn
"tx_Common_ConnectionRefused": “Connectie geweigerd”, --> Verbinding geweigerd
"tx_Header_SingleView": “Enkele Weergave”, --> afzonderlijke weergave

“tx_Header_EventViewer”: “Weergave Evenementen”,
“tx_Menu_SourcesList”: “Bronlijst”,
and many more which I’m not going to correct right now!

I’m not a professional interpreter, But I do have some experience in linguistic software customisation. I personally don’t like computers or devices that are not set to English, but I understand that some people are not capable of using other languages than their own mother-tongue. Very often the same people are not familiar with these technical terms either which makes translating/interpreting extra complicated.

Let me know If you want more help on the subject.



“tx_Header_Timeline”: “Tijdslijn”, --> Tijdlijn
-> Tijdslijn is a correct translation, please refer to https://taal.vrt.be/tijdlijn-tijdslijn and http://woordenlijst.org/#/?q=tijdslijn

“tx_Common_ConnectionRefused”: “Connectie geweigerd”, --> Verbinding geweigerd
-> “Connectie” is a correct translatio, please refer to http://woordenlijst.org/#/?q=connectie

“tx_Header_SingleView”: “Enkele Weergave”, --> afzonderlijke weergave
-> “Enkel” and “afzonderlijk” are not the same… So “afzonderlijke” is a proper translation

“tx_Header_EventViewer”: “Weergave Evenementen”,
-> What is your proposal?

“tx_Menu_SourcesList”: “Bronlijst”,
-> What is your proposal?


I’m not going to review the entire document right now, As I Said, at first glance I immediately spotted quite some errors/flaws.

Indeed Connection can be translated as Connectie but has a different meaning (personal connections) but you should try not to translate the words but interpret the meaning of the original term.


Hi Guys!
Thanks for your enthusiasm about the translations :slight_smile: This is really not an easy task so please find a way to collaborate since we depend on you here. I am myself a Swedish native and I will not translate this into Swedish since I am only using English all the time and have no idea about the correct Swedish translations of these terms when used in computer software. So when translating, please try to use the words or expressions that are common to use when it comes to computer software.
Good luck and many thanks for your assistance,



at first glance I immediately spotted quite some errors/flaws.

As said, I am more happy to improve any errors or flaws. But a personal preference is something different then a flaw or error…

Indeed Connection can be translated as Connectie but has a different meaning (personal connections)

That is not completely true. The primary meaning for “connectie” is “ver­bin­ding” (please check Van Dale for reference). So it’s a synonym. So both are correct and mean the same. Whether to use which synonym, that is a again personal preference…
My personal preference is not to ‘overtranslate’ words (as long if it’s correct). You can translate words to the letter, but then you’ll loose the real meaning.

My translation is not the holy grail. I am not a professional interpreter at all. I just did the translation to help out Steve and Henrik, as I did before for some other software packages as well.
If you want to join me in improving the translation and helping out Henrik & Steve, then maybe it’s better that we can collaborate on the translation via the PM I have sent you earlier, or via a separate topic, and then we update the translation here with something where everyone is happy about?


A separate topic would definitely be better.

As stated in the description of this thread. This one is exclusively to post the translations themselves not any kind of discussion so i’m going to delete all this discussion in a moment once you’ve all read this.

But yes thank you @mitch2k for your contribution and if you want to help @ftp.faker please either post back here a full (mobile + web) Dutch translation or create a separate topic to continue this discussion and to suggest changes to Mitch so that he can update his translation (would be the preferred approach as otherwise we’ll have to choose one and since we don’t speak Dutch it would be complicated for us to tell which is better).



If Mitch2k is willing to collaborate, I can contribute my interpretation.

Just let me know


OK, guys here is a new topic for this. Use this topic for discussion.
The other topic is used for the ready translation.
Please, read Steven post above.



do you guys have a Testserver available? It would be good to be able to understand the scope of the headers. My server is currently unreachable and running an older version.


We have test servers but none that we’re going to share…


Thanks very kind of you!
I also have a corrected version of the entire language file both for server and clients, but as long as it’s untested I’m not going to share it…