How to remove bottom bar on only one camera



I’m taking snapshots via the web interface, and have noticed that the grey bar at the bottom with the FPS etc appears, I do not want it… I know I can remove it from all cameras, but I just need it not to appear for this camera. Maybe there is another URL to get the raw image?



Hi John!
With a license you can remove it on all cams and then customize using the overlay on each cam. In your case it would be nice to have it the other way around, but that checkbox is not included for the moment.


Hello Henrik,

I have a couple of licensed servers ruining, so that is not an issue, but taking off all of them and then putting it back for the others, what a pain! Maybe could you give Steve a prod :slight_smile:



He he, yes as was afraid of that ;). Yes, I give him a hint for that. I have only an unlicensed version for test, so when I made a black ribbon as an overlay over the bottom bar and saved the black came in the background. If you do this with the licensed version will it also be behind the gray bar with the FPS etc?


Hello Henrik,

It seems you can remove the netcam logo, which I have, but you cant remove the status bar… what a pain.
So back to directly accessing the camera! using ffmpeg, arh… just to do snapshots!



Can you use the Overlay and put a black rectangle over the ststus bar?


I really wanted the full area of the cam, that’s why I wanted to get rid of the status bar