Netcam Studio - We need YOUR support


Hi there Henrik, it is well deserved, you are innovative and passionate.
even got a great sense of humor I noticed haha.

Resolution is HD 960P, 1,300,000 Pixel H.264 Compression

I was not surprised to later read others saying things I had said, and,
there are millions of businesses in the world using outdated cumbersome
camera monitoring software, whereby your program is a no-brainer to
replace them with, a big market if you started with a marketing manager.

I was an ex hacker in earlier PC years and found and discovered some new
amazing abilities, it seems you have with your area of expertise, it
spoke for itself by doing what onvif site cant do and recognised unknown
late model cams that were designed not to be able to be used with PC
software. It was also nice to see you get out personally with your
customers and in a genuine way.

Great work.


Brian “Australia”