Netcam won't show 2 USB webcams at once


Hi Guys,

I’m trying to connect 2 USB webcams to the latest version of Netcam Studio. It worked once but now it only will show 1 webcam at a time. Is there a way I can get both USB webcams to work? Both webcams are detected when adding cam but one screen will only show a blank screen. I have tried the 64 and 32 bit versions. If I unplug 1 cam the other one will come on after restarting Netcam. Both cams are showing up in Windows.

The 2 USB webcams are a different make

Any thoughts on this?




Hi Tony,

Thanks for moving to the forum. It´s here we collect our intelligence :slight_smile:
My first reflection is that NCS cannot show 2 usb cams at the same time if they are of the same model and share the same driver. That is how NCS works in the language of .NET Framework. But now you say that they are of different brands. They can of cause have the same driver which seems to be the case. Can you make sure that the drivers are loaded for the cams. What models are the usb cams?
Also, just to be sure:

  • use no extender, use no usb hub and connect usb cameras directly to usb ports on the main board (no extra pci card with more ports).

If this still doesn´t work we recommend to switch to WebcamXP or 7 since these program are specially written for usb cams. NCS focus on network cameras with the above limitation for usb cams.



Hi Again,

Thanks for your advise, it’s a little disappointing that 2 USB camera will cause this, maybe this is something you could change in the future to cover all options.

I’ve had a play and I think I’ve solved it for my set up, I had both USB webcams connected to my USB2 hub, I recently purchased but not fitted a new USB 3 hub, with both cams connected to that I get the same problem but with one cam connected to the new USB 3 hub and the other connected to a USB 2 port on the back of my PC they are both working, I’ll have a proper test tomorrow and report back.

I do love Netcam but I think the price is very steep for a home user, I use it to monitor the front of my house when I’m at home so I don’t have to answer the door to cold callers etc but 45 euro’s is too expensive for me to buy for the amount of use I get out of it.




Hi Tony,
Good that it works!
Unfortunately, it´s nothing that can be fixed in the future since it is based on the programming language of NCS and how usb hubs work, but as I mentioned webcam xp/7 focus on usb cams. However, as long as the cams are of different brand there is no problems. This is well covered in the forum. Using usb hub is also rather established that it can cause problems for steaming video and is only recommended for other use.
But, if you only have 2 usb cams, why pay 45 Euro? You get the complete software for free for 2 cams.