Overlays addition


In webcamXP overlays a " /n " was carriage return.

So with 1 entry of IE: " $time/n$date ", you would have the time perfectly above the date or vice versa if you wished.


Hi Harry,

Obviously you like WebcamXP a lot and have been using it for a very long time. Thanks for liking that software so much! It is also quite obvious that Netcam Studio is not on top of your list ;). Netcam Studio will never be like WebcamXP since they are written in different languages. WebcamXP focused on webcams and when time passed IP cams entered the market and a new generation of software was necessary like Netcam Studio.

When I read your posts you mention that “I’ve found that webcamXP is the best webcam software out there, it only needed the camera configurations updated…”. There are so many new cams on the market today so it is impossible to keep up with new templates for all these cams. Therefore, the Universal Source Filter http://community.netcamstudio.com/c/Universal was introduced where one can add the camera using Custom URL and make it work. Also, many IP cams today support ONVIF which makes it even easier to add an IP camera since that is a standard for how to communicate video and audio. If you have a specific cam that you want to add to WebcamXP it might be better for both of us if you write here what brand and model it is and I will do my best to find out how to add this camera to WebcamXP.

Even at my young age of 58 I also can get really frustrated sometimes and ask what the heck ;).

Best Regards,
Henrik Ahlberg


Hi Henrik…

I used to install CCTV cameras in jails, hospitals and other government facilities, back when they had a vidicon tube and PTZ was a huge motor with another huge box on top. And an 8mm lens would give you the same view, no matter what camera you screwed it on, unlike today because of the different size CCDs.

I know there are plenty of new cameras, I already have one that is NOT in netcam " Westmile ". I have recently replaced an old analog camera with an IP camera that offers ONVIF. It’s not always easy to get the string that’s used to pull images or streams from the seller of the camera, and nearly impossible with some to get info from the manufacturer. Most reasonable, inexpensive cameras are coming from the orient and most can’t even speak English…

About 20 years ago I started with composite cameras, added an RF modulator so the kids could change to cable channel 88, to see who was at the front door added a filter to stop my broadcast going out to the 10 or 12 houses on my street amplifier…

Also, many years ago I have programmed in Fortran, Cobol, Apple Basic, GWBasic, Quick Basic & C++, didn’t get into the visuals…

So what you say about 2 different languages, is not entirely correct, if something can be done in one language, it may be easy to replicate or if not, but you want to bad enough, there is always a way to do the same in another language…

Yes, I am certainly not alone as far as webcamXP users are concerned and yes it is the best, just old and no longer getting updated (he is also getting old). So I have been forced to netcam. I’m hopeful this will get better and from my questions before buying the product, I was lead to believe netcam is a work in progress.

The worst language I’ve found more recently is HTML, JavaScript etc. seems in this stuff there are 27 ways of doing the same thing, but seems never the way I’m trying…

Any of my suggestions will likely be about things in webcamXP, but not yet offered in netcam. We may as well make netcam as good as it can be.