Server keeps crashing



I followed these instructions Using Netcam Studio Service and after a couple of weeks the server stops working. I turn the PC off and back on and I still can’t access the server. When I first configured it the server worked well after restarting the machine so the service was being started properly after a full machine restart.

The main problem I have is the machine is away from my home nor I can access it, I can only ask somebody to bring me the machine and see what happens, weird scenario isn’t it?

The PC has access to the network as I programmed a little Ruby program to upload the dynamic IP to a DNS server and I see the records are being changed so I know the machine has access to the internet.

The cameras are in the same local network as the computer is and the network is okay as I can access the D-LINK cameras directly by typing the IP and port of each one.

I’m not keen on sysadmin and I’m specially bad with Windows.

What could I do to evaluate what’s going on and ultimately prevent this from happening again?

Thanks a lot.


Hi there!
When you say that the server stops I assume you mean the NCS server stops.

  • if you run the NCS X do you have the same problem?
  • does the NCS service just stops so you see the START in the Services or does it crash?

Obviously something is interfering with NCS and stops it, but what it is is very difficult to say from here. Can yo install Temaviewer so that you can control the computer remotely?

You write “server stops working. I turn the PC off and back on and I still can’t access the serve”. Can you tell me a little bit more about that. What do you mean by “can’t access the server”? Is the whole computer or is it the NCS server?



Hello Henrik!

Sorry for my late response.

Finally I could ask somebody to bring me the PC over and I found out the problem was caused by Windows Firewall. For some reason apparently Windows 7 decided to change the configuration automatically. Basically NetCam studio was available to the public network but not to the private network by the time I checked the configuration so the router wasn’t able to access the port—as I guess the router is a local device.

NetCamStudio was working well until it didn’t so that’s why I think Windows changed that configuration for some reason. You should check that Windows 7 behaviour so your customers won’t run into this problem!

Who the hell changed that config?

Thank you for your help.


Hi there!
Thanks for info and good that you found the problem.
The behavior of changing from a private to a public network is also present in Windows 10. I discovered that it changes when it lose the network connection and/or the IP number changes. For some reason it goes to default which seems to be public network. Maybe you should check how the dynamic IP works in you system.

Good luck,


every time I trying to start netcam studio service make this error
can you help me


Of cause we fix that.
-first which version of NCS do you use?
-is NCS X running? After you Exit NCS X check in Task manager and processes and see if Netcam Studio is running. If so, end that process.
-now, start the Service again.

NCS X and NCS Service cannot run at the same time.

I would recommend you to download version 1.5.2 from the forum Netcam Studio 1.5.2 and install that one.



after starting service the cam that I was connected disappeared and can’t add new


when I click on about to get the version these messages appear (i clicked more than one time ) by the way I used the latest version



I see that you are running NCS 1.5.1 which is not the latest version as you see in the first picture. In the first picture it also says that console and service version cannot run at the same time. Either you can go back to my post above or do this:

  • If you have the NCS X running as you have in the pictures above Exit that by clicking on the red X.
  • go to the Task Manager and click on the tab Processes. If you see that Netcam Studio i running a process End that process.
  • now start the installation program for NCS and remove that version.
  • download the latest version of NCS which is 1.5.2 ver3 and you find it here Netcam Studio 1.5.2
    -install that version.
    -start Netcam Studio X Server.

Now you should have it running. The camera should be there also. If not add the camera again.

If you want to use NCS service do this:
-exit NCS X
-in the Windows services menu start NCS Service.
-to communicate with the service start the Netcam Studio Client.

Good luck,


same errors


Sorry, but you need to be much more specific what you are doing since I cannot follow you right now. Start from the beginning: have installed the complete ncs.
2.what do you do next?
3.when do you get the image above?


at first, the service can’t start and when I reinstalled the software it started but net cam studio not working appearing this messages and I can’t add any cam and while I am trying to stop services and open netcam again I can add cams again and see it but can’t use it through the web


OK, I can recreate what you get above. start ncs service.
2.then you start ncs server click on the yellow icon with the i in the middle.

Here are many errors! Here is the correct procedure.
1.start ncs service
2.start ncs client!! NOT ncs server!!

ncs client is the icon with a red ring. start that one.

3.add cameras and make sure that you see them in the ncs client.
4. in the web browser enter http://localhost:8100 I assume that you open the web browser on the same computer as ncs service is running.
5.enter logins what you have set up in ncs. default is admin / 1234


okay I am sorry I start ncs server not client

how can I connect netcam studio on iphone with the server


Download the Netcam studio mobile app from apple. Install and add a server and connect.


i have the app on my mobile but i don’t know how to connect it just load and nothing happen


You need to add a ncs server with ip number and logins.


i added this ip address and the username and password and nothing happens just loading


I don´t know if you are on LAN or if you are on the WAN. If you are on the LAN just use the IP to the computer that runs ncs.
If you are on the wan, public side, you need to do more. Here is a guide. Accessing Netcam Studio remotely using Web Client or Smartphone App
You run an unlicensed version?