Timelapse settings help


Can anyone explain the timelapse settings.
Have two cameras and would like to set up a timelapse for each of them.
First camera save a 30 minute timelapse video, capturing every minute.
Second camera save a 15 minute timelapse video, capturing every 2 minutes

In the timelapse settings, what would I put in for the following settings?

Frame interval (input)
Frame interval unit
frame duration (output)
frame duation unit
Frames encoded


Im really struggling to get this to work, Thought it would create a number of small videos based on my times above, really must be doing something wrong.
It just creates one long single file.

Would prefer to be able to capture and view images every five minutes, rather than a video sometimes.
But do not see that option anywhere.


The general definition of timelapse is the taking of one picture at set intervals. There is timelapse stitching software out there that might help you.


Not sure I need or can be bothered to use that stitching software.
The netcam server timelapse just creates one large file. I thought it might create a number of files, based the frame duration output.


In NCS, you have choice between either keeping individual images (output JPEG) or just a movie (output AVI) matching the parameters.

To take one image every minute, the frame interval will be 1 minute, 2 minutes for 2 minutes.

The frame duration on the other end defines how fast it will be displayed (remain displayed) in the output movie when AVI is selected.

If it’s set to 1 second, then your 30 minutes movie (made of 30 frames) will playback in 30 seconds, displaying 1 frame per second.