TP-Link TL-SC3130G OK but TP-Link TL-NC200 also now ok!



I downloaded Netcam Studio 1.6.1 to see how it works before I purchase it. I have six TP-Link TL-SC3130G and five TP-Link TL-NC200 cameras on Windows 7 Professional (x64). I have tried with one TL-SC3130G and one TL-NC200 to see how they work. The first one is discovered and works fine, the second is impossible to connect and see. What I am doing wrong?


Hi there,

The NC200 was actually very difficult to work with. If you search in this forum for NC200 you can read about our struggles :slight_smile:
I assume that you are testing with the predefined template? Set port to 8080? Set correct password?
If that do not work test the following. Add the camera using the tab for Custom URL.
1.Set Stream Type to jpeg. In Address use this URL
2. Set Stream Type to MJPEG. In Address use this URL:



Hello Henrik

Tried everything and nothing works! What I can do next?


Can you make it work in VLC or a browser?

This one with stream type jpeg

If you changed the password from default it will not work with the new password. Password must be in Base64. So go back to default.

We worked alot with this camera last time as I mentioned to get it to work. Maybe dlink have changed something, new firmware? If you get it to work in VLC or browser yoy can use Wireshark to analyze the data traffic to find the correct URL. Then I am out of ideas.


Hello Henrik

The six TL-SC3130G worked with http://admin:YWRtaW4=@IP:8080/stream/getvideo
The five TL-NC200 worked with http://admin:YWRtaW4=@ (each with his own IP)

Now if I want to buy the software for the 11 cameras to view them all in one monitor, which did you recommend me?


Thanks for this excellent feedback. This will for sure help many users!
Is this a trick question :slight_smile: ? Of cause I recommend Netcam Studio :smile: But, if you ask me how to view the 11 cams in one monitor I suggest this:

  1. Use NCS Client with the red icon. You can set it to start in fullscreen mode and if you want the client to start automatically you can drop a shortcut in the startup folder (windows 10). Here NCS Service is set to automatic start with Windows.
    2.Use the web client and set it to Multiview. Personally, I like the web client a lot since it gives me a good overview and also easy to download a file from the Library when needed.
  2. If you just want to view the cams and nothing else you can create a web page and position the cams as you want. Here you use the possibility to generate custom html code that you embed in the web page.

I am still not sure if you got the answers you were asking for. If not, you know where to find me.
Good luck,


Hello Henrik

I want to pay with PayPal but it offers only credit cards. Is there another possibility?


I really don’t know. Please, contact support


Sorry but until now nobody answers my question…


I checked and I you can pay by PqyPal



Finally I bought Netcam Studio for 16 sources. (with PayPal). The six TL-SC3130Gs were connected instantly and work perfectly. :slight_smile: But again there are problems with the five TL-NC200 cameras. :confused: I ran every possible test and they don’t connect. By means of the Internet Explorer and Chrome browsers you can see them perfectly after having installed the driver. I do not know what to do… :disappointed:


For about 12 days ago you wrote this



Worked when I tried the free Netcam Studio that permits only two cameras. In the experiment I used one TL-SC3130G and one TL-NC200.

What baffled me is than I arrived to the http://admin:YWRtaW4=@ scipt after many forms and consultations. After than conclusion I bought the program, but now I am without a clue.

In the list of cameras that supports Netcam Studio there are included both, so I think they have tried befiore selling this software… if not I need a refund.


The NC200 is a problematic camera. Did you use the exact same camera? I should go through all of them and test.
Also, this URL is the one that worked originally
1.Set Stream Type to jpeg. In Address use this URL

You can also test using VLC.