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Zoom in and scroll (3)
Timeline view with several cameras ( 2 ) (30)
License Plate Recognition Page (1)
Palette / Color / Theme selection (2)
Select single source while in fullscreen and digital zoom (3)
Holidays in scheduler (4)
Multi view single selection (4)
Set frequencies to listen to for audio detection? (5)
Start in full screen (8)
Overlays addition (3)
Save ALL settings button (4)
Trigger on user login to enhance security (4)
Feature Request: schedule switch on/off (4)
Video available in Library before ffmpeg do the job (3)
Open in Explorer wanted feature (7)
Suggestion - NCS Library 'Source' list length (2)
Suggestion - NCS 'Views' selection default (2)
Add text display of number of selected items in Library view (2)
Add Library menu option to "Open folder" where video is located (2)
Feature Requests (16)
New event type for motion/audio detection started/stopped (8)
Retention per camera (3)
Update process suggestions (2)
Make port change easier (2)
Zoom function on mobile app (1)
ADD Fishey correction (5)
Allow to sleep windows (6)
Switch to to turn on/off motion detection for all cameras easily (5)
IO Input support for triggering events (3)
For the scheduler - calling stored preset views (1)