Accessing Netcam Studio remotely using Web Client or Smartphone App

In order to connect remotely from another computer, phone or tablet, there are a few important steps to perform after installing Netcam Studio.

Please read and follow below-mentioned steps. The first three of them are mandatory.

1. Setup a Static IP address
The computer on which Netcam Studio is running needs to be configured to use a static IP address. Most router will not accept port forwarding to computer that has a dynamic address (DHCP).

This operation is a bit different on every operating system. For the details regarding configuration of a static IP for all of the operating systems, go to this page:

2. Configure portforwarding on port 8100 (TCP)
This step relates to forwarding all requests made to your internet connection on port 8100 to the computer that is running Netcam Studio.

You have a different IP address on Internet than the one reported by your computer: a unique address shared by all the computers on your network. It’s necessary to tell your router/modem where to forward calls made on a specific por (default 8100) to the computer running Netcam Studio.

This operation is performed with the use of the router/modem administration panel and is different for every manufacturer.

The name may differ but it usually refers to “Port forwarding” or "Virtual Server*. It is necessary to create a rule, which forwards all incoming TCP requests on port 8100 to the port 8100 of the Static IP address obtained in Step 1.

You can find the detailed steps for the most common routers on this page. This refers to webcamXP so you will need to modify the references to port 8080 by port 8100:

3. Obtaining your External / Internet IP Address
Then, it is necessary to obtain your external IP address (also known as WAN Ip). There are several web pages which allows you to do this: or

The address reported on this page is the address that you need to use in the Mobile application or in the browser of other computer connected to Internet outside of your own network.

For example: If the address reported on the page is then your Netcam Studio server should be reachable at:

4. Setting up a Dynamic Name Service (Optional)
Depending on your Internet Service Provider, your external address may change more or less often.

When it does, you may have to repeat step 3. If you are streaming to your website, it might stop working and you would have to update the page with the new IP address.

This can be avoided by using a dynamic name service mapped to your Internet IP. It is possible to register for a name and to keep it always up to date regarding the change of address.

There are several free or cheap services offering such redirection:

5. Ensure that no firewall or any security software prevents Netcam Studio to broadcast
By default after installation, Netcam Studio is automatically creating rules in Windows Firewall to allow sending data over the network and be reachable however if you use any other firewall software or security software (Bitdefender for example), you may have to explicitly allow Netcam Studio or create exceptions for it.Preformatted text

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