Add 200 resources in Netcam studio

Is any chance that Netcam Studio can support more than 64 sources, like more than 200 sources. If not, please give me some advice or solution to achieve more than 200 resources with your product or others. Thanks.

The license for Netcam Studio can handle max 64 sources. It is also a question about a computer running Windows OS that can handle that number of cameras. It is also very much a question of how to present all these cameras images for a user that make sense.
An easy way to make this happen with 200 cameras is to have a number of computers /with virtual machines) running Netcam Studio and then make a custom web page system that present all this information in a way that´s good for a user. In Netcam Studio you have an html-function that generates code for each source that is embedded in a web page.
If there are other products out there capable of this out of the box I don´t know, but if so the price tag is most likely very different :slight_smile:
Quite interesting project!

We have 84 cameras on our work and using a HP DL380 Gen9 24SFF CTO server. I don’t know which platform, but the software is called ExacqVision. 80% of the cameras are 1080s. The clients are running on a NUC with Ubuntu. Most of the time it is ok, but sometimes there is a lag.

Each operator has is own screen configuration. Me as shift electrician can approach every camera available.