Add/Remove cams and users from web services

Hi, I’m a new user of Netcam Studio. I have configured with success the server with 2 Foscam C1 cams.
My need is to add and remove cams and also add and remove users from Json/Soap.
I have readed wsdl and singleWsdl documentation, but I don’t find command for do this.
Is possible to do that?

Hi Carlo and welcome user of NCS!
I am not quite sure what you want to accomplish here, but modification of code is only possible in the web client. The web client is open source and available here:
Search for github in this forum and you will find more.
Add/Remove cams and user from NCS using the web interface it not possible.
By the way, did you use the template for C1 or did you add the cams as Custom URL?


Hi Henrik,
yes, I have used the template. Foscam C1 stream only on RTPS and provide no MJpeg connection, the template works good.
I have sow the web client (the right link is:, and I sow that is not possible to add/remove cams and users from web interface.
Unfortunately the project I’m working on is to manage more then 200 ip cams with many servers, and I need to change users/cams on the fly for load balancing… NCS have many features that I can’t find in others simillar products, but maibe NCS is not the right product for my project.


Hi Carlos! Now we are talking and of cause NCS is definitely the software for you (marketing department talking here ;)). I found NCS myself for about 9 months ago and liked it a lot for my projects. Not as big as yours. Since some moths ago I joined the support team in the forum. Therefore, I do not know everything that is happening behind the scenes. I know something called Netcam Studio Central is on its way which might be something. I direct you to our guru @Steve who can give the correct answer on this.
Nice to hear that the template works fine since I made it for about 3 weeks ago :slight_smile: .