After restart all settings are gone

When I restart my server almost all the settings are gone…
The path to the library is empty , the retentions settings are set to 0
the users are gone and I cant add new.
even the logo is blank (and I don’t have a licence)

etc etc ,
when I change all the settings and click save you should think it works again , but no …
even when I click several times at save still I get the pop up box that same things are changed and shoul be saved (yep I did that already !!)

I’m running windows 10 with the latest drivers and updates ,net 4.5 and all the other requirements.

om my normal work station witch has the same specs I don’t have this problem .

The problem with lost settings and not be able to save settings are usually solved by updating the .NET Framework to the latest version like 4.5.2. However, it is obvious that windows 10 seems to play some tricks on us. Some problems seems to be solved by updates of win 10. So we have to wait and see. For the moment NCS is not recommended for win 10 …

Is it maybe running from a different user account that it was installed from / ran the first time that cannot write over the settings file.

Please try to Save. Exit. And check the log files in C:\ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio\Server to see if hopefully they additional about the problem while saving the settings.