Anonymous login


I’m trying to use Netcam Studio X with a webcam, everything seems to work. I downloaded the iOS Application to monitor this webcam. On my PC when I check on the “Connected Users” tab. I can see:

Why do I have an Anonymous User (it’s the same mobile IP as me) ? Is it a normal behaviour ? Sometimes the User Anonymous disappear but the logged user stay.

Thank you for this Free and Open Source software !

Hi there.
Yes, that is normal. The clients send a request to NCS to get logins which is made anonymous. When you login and can see whatever, then you are an idetfied user.

Thanks. NCS is free for two cameras, but open source it is definitely not :slight_smile:


Thank you, I am reassured!

Effectively it’s not an open source software but an Free software for 2 cameras. Forgive me for the confusion.

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