[Bug Report] Netcam Studio X Server 64 crashing on start

I am running Windows 10.
I had NCS 32 installed, and it seemed to have worked.
Then I uninsilaled it and installed NCS 64 instead.
That one, however, keeps crashing during startup:

Is this a bug, or is it my fault?

The 32 and 64 bit versions should be able to have installed in parallel. However, can you test this. After you uninstall 32-bit version there are files left in ProgramData>Moonware. Remove these files also. Install 64bit and run it again. We have many ncs 156 out there now and do not see this problem.



I am running both 32 and 64 bit versions and have not had any problems!


Thanks for info. Yes, I suspect something local.

Ok, this still is a bit strange… but:

  • I uninstalled NCS-32 and NCS-64, then I went through the whole registry and deleted EVERY key having the words “Moonware” or “Netcam” in it. After that, I deleted the respective folders in Program Files and in Program Data. (I even deleted my running webcamXP installation.)

However, there seems to be “something” stored in a hidden place (has maybe to do with your copy protection, whatsoever). As, after a new install, when I started the 64-bit client - it still had my server’s IP stored :wink:

Anyway, the client now seems to work. Fine.

(Maybe I’ll try later to switch my “webcamXP camera servers” to NCS, too, but for now I think I will port my “webcam server” only (one step after the other - makes it much easier to analyse things :wink: ).

During startup ncs will pickup different IPs incl. the public IP.

No, Sir, no “public IP”.
I am on subnet, and that’s where I started the client.
My webserver is on - and the client “did remember” the server’s IP :wink:
(Something similar happened with webcamXP: I uninstalled it, deleted all keys, then reinstalled it:
and when I started the “new installation” - it still had my license info :wink: )

Not a problem… only I was a bit surprised :-p