Can someone recommend a decent wireless ip camera to use with this software

Looking for an affordable camera 72op or better. Simple, can sit on desk or table.
we need 4 of them.

THere are so many out there so it’s hard to choose.

Good night vison, and moteion detion.

As you say there are so many out there. I think it is better if you select what you think is affordable, make sure it support the ONVIF standard since it is easier to connect to NCS. Then Google on that camera and model and you will most likely find what people think.
Browse thru the category of network cameras where you also will find useful information.


Have you searched for digoo here?

Yes not a lot on Gigoo-M1Z.

I just purchased a Scicam and a wansview to see how they work. I can not get the KKmoon’s 805 /809
to work at all. .