Cannot enable Google Drive sync

Hi there,

I’ve tried to enable Google Drive Sync in 1.3.6, but for some reason the enable checkbox remains grayed out. I can log in though. The logs dont show any errors. Can you help out?


Hi Parick!
If you are logged in it should look like this

If the checkbox is not market then you need to enable the function on the right hand side also

Don´t forget to APPLY also.


Ah yes, I completely overlooked the enable option to the right. Maybe the developers can make this a bit more prominently visible because its not very clear that you need to enable it there as well.
Thanks for the suggestion, all is well again :slight_smile:

Good! I agree with you that logically left and right hand side should switch places. Maybe the design layout will not be so good ? Actually, I will ask our developers about this.

Well, the way that I would do it is, make clickable icons for the options that need configuration, followed by an all-in-one configuration window. That way the user has everything in one view.