Can't Log In to any version of Netcam Studio

I’m trying to test your Ver 1.7.0. and the Beta Version. However, Admn and 1234 do not work. What’s the trick? On version 1.7.0. It wants address

I had a previous version of Device Client installed … if that means anything.

Thanks… Rod

Hi Rod!
I don´t know what you mean by beta version since there are no such thing. The only version is Netcam Studio 1.7.0 that you download from the home page.
When you have installed the program click on the blue icon and NCS X will start. Now you can connect to it using the web client. Enter http://computerIP:8100 in the. browser. The computerIP is the IP number of the computer running NCS X. When you get the login box enter admin/1234 and it works.