Change HD and OS and change from 32 bit to 64 bit on the same server

Hi I need to change HD on my server today running 32bit win server 2008, to a new HD with 64 bit Win server 2016. i read this: How to move Netcam Studio to another computer with a minimum of downtime is it something els to take care of, can i use the Lic file the server is the same?
Regards //Pehr

Hi Pehr,
You are changing hardware so the license file will not be valid. You will have an unlicensed version. However, just send the license number to support and it will be reset for activation In the new system.

Hi Henrik
Tank you for fast response

Hi @Henrik . I’ve sent my license in to Support. I seem to have two email address though (webcamxp and netcamstudio, so have sent to both :slight_smile: ) - need it resetting due to hardware failure and re-install as it will now be invalid. Can you do mine as well please? Thank you :slight_smile: