Connecting/Broadcasting multiple cameras

I am somewhat new to webcams so hopefully I won’t offend anyone. I have been running Webcam XP pro with a single network webcam. I am able to stream live video to my website just fine. I am trying to add another camera but I cannot get it to be visible. Both cameras are Stardot but different models. Both have different assigned static IP addresses. Both are on the same LAN. Camera one has port 8080 opened up. I have a router port 8080 opened up and directed to my internal host PC that is running Webcam XP pro. Everything works great. When I try to add the second webcam I cannot get any images at all to show up on Webcam XP monitor. What port do I need to assign to camera 2? Do I need to open up another port in my router for camera 2? Thanks

Problem solved! When I was adding the webcam I was selecting the correct webcam but nothing was working. I tried another model selection for the same manufacturer and everything started working just fine.