Connecting with motionPi


Hey there,

I am swapping out one of our smaller servers that hosts two cameras to use motionPi instead. However, I am struggling to get the connection between my Netcam Studio Server and motionPi.

Current setup:
-Netcam Studio Server, hosted remotely, which has no physical devices. This server is the “main server” which maintains the motion detection and all files.
-Netcam Studio Secondary, which has 4 cameras, this server is hosted locally, however the remote server connects to it to pull the camera feeds.
-MotionPi, which has 4 camreas, this server is hosted locally, and I am trying to get the remote server to connect to it to pull the camera feeds

Because the main server is hosted locally, it does not have to do with the server URL I am using, because I can access the feed just fine, with no authentication from Google Chrome on that server. URL example: - I can access this from Chrome remotely, but cannot for the life of me get Netcam Studio to make it work. I’ve tried Custom URL and tried getting it to pick it up as a NCS Server/SmartCam (didn’t think this would work but thought I’d try).

Thanks in advance.


After many attempts of the same thing, I finally got it to work with MJPEG! I don’t know why it didn’t work the first time! :slight_smile: