Creating Camera Templates for Siepem S6211Y-WR


I am new to the program and have a question.
I would like to add my existing camera (a cheap ebay camera) into the program as a listed make and model, however I dont know where to create the templates. If thats even possible.

I know how to get the URL commands to get the Video/Audio/PTZ commands, but not sure where to put it to try and get it working.

Is this something that can be done?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Dom!
If you want video and audio you can add the camera using the custom URL. If you want video, audio and PTZ we need to make a template since different protocols and ports are used. Usually, the problem is to get the PTZ commands, but since you have those we can create a template for the camera. The template is then compiled into the NCS software to make it fast.
Which camera is it? I can send you a PM with an example of a template for another camera where you can see how it looks like and what you need to support us with.

Hi Henrik,

Because its a chinese camera i am no certain of the Make. but from research i have followed the make of Siepem. the model is definitely S6211Y-WR.
I seem to have lost the PTZ commands, but i can easily find them again no issues.

If you can provide an example template I should be able to adjust it accordingly.



Hi Dom,
From your information I have created a new template Siepem S6211Y-WR with video/audio/PTZ. The camera use the audio compression ADPCM which works in NCS.
The template should be in the next release of NCS in late January.

Much appreciated Henrik.

Thank you.