Date not showing on recordings

Hi, The date is not showing on screen when viewing library recordings. I hoped to be able to add it to the status bar but when I press save the status bar entry reverts back to “$time - $fps FPS”. (The user manual shows the date close to the motion detection bar but I think that the manual is out of date?) (I wanted to take a screen shot of a moment in a video and have the date showing.

Is it possible to show the date when viewing a recording from the library?


To change these settings you need a license. Alternative use overlay or the cameras OSD.
A new manual is on the way for NCS 2.0.

Thanks for your reply. Is it possible to create a dynamic overlay file that has the date in or is it just a static picture? I think I need a licence to change the overlay don’t I? (Still a great product and so much better than the two lots of software we got with our two cameras - Wacom, Foscam and also Arlo which you can’t use with it.)

The fixed watermark / footer cannot be changed without license.

On the other end overlay can be used without limitation so that you can use it even if the free version. From there it accepts to use variables such as $date and will display the date dynamically.

License, no. This one is creted with the free version. I am not sure what you mean by dynamic, but right-click on the video and select Overlay and

Yes, we all love Netcam Studio! :smile:


I’m not sure how I get the text object. I’ve clicked on the text Icon next to the picture icon at the top but it doesn’t do anything.

It can be a little bit difficult to see. We are changing icons, but click on your abc icon for text. Move the mouse where you want the text to be and click. Now you will have the area with Type your text in it. Click on that area again and the background will be white and the text tools on the right hand side will appear. If you want to move the text area click on the arrow in the top left corner first.

Perfect. That’s just what I need. Thank you.

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