Delete video using WebAPI Methods

Does someone knows if I can delete video with WebAPI methods?

Hi Rene!
Here you have info about this.


Hi Henrik,
This informaiton is for the use of the StartStopMotionDetector method. I need to delete a file using a method from another applicaiton. Does the method DeleteRemoteItem deletes files? If so, what are parameters: Synchronization plugin identifier and item to delete?

Yes it is, but it show the principle. It seems reasonable that that command can delete files. I have never programmed using wcf so I do not know. Deleting a file which I assume is a video file then you must know the exact name and where do you get that info? Maybe it is easier to go to the folder directly, but I don´t know exactly what you wan to accomplish.

Thanks for your help!

No deleting is not possible through the WebAPI.

Technically it is because the Netcam Studio Client is doing it but it requires complex data types which are known by Netcam Studio which you probably won’t manage to reproduce from a javascript or other sources…