Do I need multiple NCS servers?

I have two separate Windows PC’s, each with a webcam. Can I use NCS on one computer to record both the local and remote webcam? Or do I need to install NCS on both computers and record separately?

I saw another conversation about using one NCS and adding another NCS as a network camera, but can’t get that to work.

Hi Shawn,
Yes, you can do that. You must have NCS on both computers. Since you have NCS on both computers you can record on both computers or just record on the local computer or record on the remote computer and use the local computer just for monitoring or …

Looking at your setings I think it might be the setting for the Source that you need to change to 0.

Here is how the two NCS computers are connected with each other.
1.this is the remote computer with a webcam

2.this is the local computer

Note that Source is set to 0 since I only have one camera added on the remote computer.