Does changing system OS require license reset?

I’m currently running Net came Studio on my host server (Dell R610) running Windows Server 2012 R2. While it run fine, there is a limitation with USB camera support under a server OS. Therefore, I would like to re-install the R610 with Windows 10 Profesional. Do I need to request a license reset so I can re-install (and upgrade to the latest release) Netcam Studio on the new OS?

Thanks in advance.

Before you change OS I am not sure if you will have better support for usb cams in win 10 pro. The difference in usb cam support for NCS is that some usb cams, usually older, runs only under the 32-bit version of NCS. So if you have problems today I recommend you to install the 32-bit version and test. Or you maybe have something else in mind :slight_smile: Keep the 2012 R2 as long as possible. If you want the 32-bit version make sure you use NCS version 1.5.2 here in the forum when using usb cams.

It is definitely not a USB camera support issue with NCS. The issue is that many USB camera manufacturers do not make driver for server OS, including Microsoft for their own HD LifeCam Studio. I used to have USB camera supports when I was running NCS under Win8.1, before my system crashed and I moved the NCS to my current server. I will definitely test it out beforehand by install a dual-boot Server 2012R2 and Win 10 and making sure I can used USB cameras on the R610 with NCS before proceeding forward, maybe even as a VM. As always, thanks for the great supports you and your team provides.

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