Email Notifications

I would like to ask if it is possible to select individual cameras to send emails with alerts with motion detection being actívate for all the cameras.
I have 8 cameras and I would like to activate the motion detection to see the videos when I logon (mobile App or WEB) in some cameras (not so critical areas) and in others I want to see the video and I want to receive the email notification (critical áreas)
I use to have webcamxp and you can do it but i can´t find the option in NS.

I have just ended another question about email notification so I jump into this one also. I would say, yes you can.

  1. first you have connected the cameras and they are all setup for motion detection.
  2. under Settings -> Notifications and Synchronization you enter all the data needed för the email notification. Send a test email so it works. Now you should receive an email notification when any of your 8 cams trigger the motion detection. The email should include the cam name and also a picture from the the cams that are triggered. The parameter Alert Internval is by default 120 and you can change that to what is best.
  3. If you only want en email alert from specific cameras you also do the following. Go to Settings -> Rule manager. Create a new rule with Condition Motion start and Action Send Email. Here you specify for which cam an email alert should be sent. Create a new Rule for each camera you want to have an alert from. In the email you will have a text message telling you which camera that has been triggered the motion. For the moment there are no picture from the actual cam, but we have forwarded this a suggestion to the developers.

When you login with the mobile app or web you will see all the connected cameras and using the Library you navigate to the camera that triggered the motion detection.

Hope this helps -Henrik

Thanks but I allready did that and I receive 2 kind of emails, alerts by email (with photo) for all cameras that I have enable motion detection and alerts by email on cameras that the rule was created (in this case without photo and with the desired text).
When you enable email configuration in the settings section it will send you alerts for all the cameras that have enable motion detection.
I just want to receive emails from the cameras I choose but I want to leave motion detection activated for all the cameras to record videos when motion is detected.
Thank you very much!

Yes, you are correct… When I do this again I get the same result as you, sorry. That function need some more thinking how it really should work. I assume the idea with a rule is that you receive en email only for that cam and not for the others. It is probably also different if you have few cams like 2 or 3 or if you have 64 cams. I think that as default it should be an email notification from all cams with some pictures (as it is now) and when you create a rule it should be an email only from that cam with a picture.

Ok, thanks!
It would be great if you could add the option in future versions.
I think is very necessary for cases where you want to be alerted by email when motion is detected (eg inside the house) while still able to record if there is a strange move out of the house without receiving emails (perhaps birds in the garden)
Thanks again!


Do you have any news about this?
Without that I can’t enable any email notification because I’ll receibe a ton of emails!


No, but I forward to @Steve our developer for an opinion.

Thanks Henrik!!
It would be wonderful to have an option to allow select it
Thanks again

It would be a bit complicated and (even more) confusing to add another option for this.

Due to the fact there are already different ways / pathes for sending email (either a custom rule or when something is added to the library).

If you have a suggestion that will actually simply rather than making the thing more complicated, I may consider it but at this stage adding an option to filter which sources, when added to the library will trig an email does not seem to be the solution.

Sorry, maybe I am not being clear with the point.
The drawback is that when you add a rule to send emails for a particular source you will receive emails from all sources that you have enabled motion detection option (to record in the library for example).
The solution would be that when you make a rule for sending emails for an specific source you will get only emails from that source and not for all (maybe a filter taking the source number from the file name of the picture?)
In webcamxp this works correctly.
Again, thank you very much

Hi Gabriel,
Ok, then I think it is something wrong with your installation since your solution is actually how it works. Here is how it works for me:

  1. all cams are on motion detection.
  2. email notification = on, cam rule = off
    I receive an email with a summary of what cams (from all cams) have been triggered since the last time. 120 sec is default. Pictures are included.
  3. email notification = on, cam rule for 1 cam = on
    I receive an email immediately when that cams motion detection is triggered. No picture. Text is the text that I entered in the Value of the Rule. No summary email like in alternative 2. No email for any other cam.