Eminent EM6275 Pan/Tilt HD IP Camera Support

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as i am,since a few years, the proud owner of WebcamXP I am concidering of upgrading/buying Netcam Studio as it supports much more features :smile:
I was checking the free version recently and noticed that the brand Eminent is still supported (Pfew :)) but unfortunately not my new types of camera: Eminent EM6275 Easy Pro View Pan/Tilt HD IP

Is it possible to have it added to the Eminent list of supported camera’s?
Supported protocols: IPv4, HTTP (ActiveX), TCP, ICMP, RTSP, RTP, UDP, RTCP, SMTP, SNTP, FTP, DHCP, ARP, DNS, PPPoE.

As far as i can see, all information can be found here:

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Hi Karel,
Yes, moving to Netcam Studio is a good choice! We can add the Eminent EM6275 to the list. However, it need some work and also some assistance from you.

If you only need video and audio you can add the camera using the tab Custom URL. If you need video, audio and PTZ we must create a template since different protocols are used.
There are 3 models listed for Eminent. Have you tested if it works (video, audio, PTZ) using any of these models? If anything works with a template we can reuse that in the new template. If nothing works you need to do some tests.

1, Video and audio.
The camera use the compression h.264 for video and G.711 for audio and protocol rtsp for streaming which is promising. I have done some searching and I have some suggestions that you need to test. When you add the camera use the tab Custom URL. Set Stream type to rtsp_tcp. For the address test the following:
— rtsp://username:password@camera-ip-number:554/11

In the Eminent forum i found this:

---- rtsp://ip_cam_address/CAM_ID.password

for MPEG4 video + G.711 audio
set stream type to mpg4 or you can test with rtsp_tcp.
“ip_cam_address” is the IP address of the IP camera. CAM_ID is the
unique Camera ID of the specific IP camera (provided on the ID/Password card or back of the camera). Password is the video play password of the specific IP camera (provided on the ID/Password card). Users can modify the password of the IP camera to prevent others to see the video.

2, PTZ commands
The best and most easy is if the PTZ of the cam works for any of the other camera models. Test that. If nothing works I need to have access to the camera and analyze the communication trying to figure out the PTZ commands. This usually take some time.

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Hi Hendrik,

thanks a lot for the very fast reply and that even during a weekend :slight_smile:
I did all tests you requested and have good and bad news…

The good news is that i could add succesfully the cam by using customer url and the RTSP_TCP which gives me a very good HD stream :smile:
The bad news is that i cannot get the PTZ commands to work :frowning:
I therefor added the camera to my firewall and allowed outside access for you to perform some tests…

as soon as you have some spare time, just drop me a private message and i will give you the cam details so you can access it from your place.

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Hi again!
Good job! The support of NCS never sleep :smile: ). Which rtsp gives the HD quality? I need some more time for the PTZ, but I PM you when I am ready.
Have a good one!

Hi Henrik,

what do you mean with : which RTSP gives the HD quality?
I currently use the rttsp_tcp which looks pretty HQ to me :smile:


I just mean which URL rtsp://xxxxxxx do you use?


Ow sorry misunderstood :slight_smile:

This is the format:


Excellent, thanks.
Problem with this is that we cannot do a template that is genetally valid for all cameras since the cam-id-password is unique for each camera.

That i understand completely.

Unless you could add somewhere in the future 2 more input fields on the screen allowing the user to enter the camid / pw ?
Anyway if you could somewhere create a semi complete template so i could use the ptz already on the current rtsp would be more than enough…

Anyway you are the brain behind this so i let you think of something :wink:


It´s quite obvious that Eminent want to lock the buyers of their cams to only use their own propitiatory software. The rest of the market goes competently in the other direction for an open standard like ONVIF where connection and communication between software and cameras are standardized for the benefit of the users. Therefore,I recommend you to return this camera and buy another brand that have a policy in favor of their customers.

However, to think positive are you sure that rtsp://username:password@camera-ip-number:554/11 do not work?

You write “Anyway if you could somewhere create a semi complete template so i could use the ptz already on the current rtsp would be more than enough…” There is no “semi complete template” because it is not possible to add something to a template.

To summarize; rtsp protocol with h.264 and ptz is not possible due to this individual “password”. Can the camera deliver a stream in mjpeg that is not dependent on this individual password? Then it maybe is be possible to have video and PTZ, but no audio.

Hi Henrik,

thanks for your reply.
Can you drop me a PM to check some more details?

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