ESCAM QP130 Connection problems

I am trying to add the ESCAM QP130 to the software and can get it to connect to the RTSP with no problems in VLC player, but when I add the same code into the Netcam studio software I get nothing. I’ve used a couple of successful RTSP combinations in VLC and none seem to connect in the software. ANY Suggestions?

Successful RTSP Include:

After a quick google check I vote for the first one. However, where and how do you enter the url in NCS? If it works in vlc it usually works in ncs.

And that is my problem, all three of those work in VLC, none of them work in NCS

Yes, I understand that, but where in ncs do you enter these url? When you add a new video source use Custom URL. Set stream type to rtsp_tcp. In Address write rtsp=…

I have the camera setup as custom (there is no preset for the ESCAM line) and I typically use one of the codes that i added above. you say that it should read rtsp=admin:123456@192.168.XXX.XXX:554//realmonitor? and Ive always had it set to RTSP_TCP. I tested the above style and it did not work.

Ok … I assume that non of the 3 suggestions work. What do the Event log says when it tries to connect ?

I’m looking for any notice from the log and it does not show one that I see. The multi-view only shows a grey screen background. I’m installing the new update to see if anything changes.

There is nothing in the log about it, it is simply ignored as far as I can tell. I’m lost as far as what to do. I’ve tried any number of combinations on the software. It shows up in the LAN search for devices and is responsive to other external login.

@admin Any thoughts?

A last thought. In the specs of the cam it says H.264 & MJPEG dual-stream encoding. When you select stream type you can also select mjpeg and mpeg4. Have you tested these? If nothing works I suggest you contact technical support on the Support page and link to our discussion and hopefully they have some better ideas.