Event type: "SourceConnectionLost" in Rule Manager is not working

I have a network camera (Foscam fi8910w) and im trying to set this rule: Send me an email when connection to camera is lost. I have used the specified event type but is does not seem to work. I have tested the email notification successfully and i have managed to get an email when motion is detected. So i do not think that the problem is with my mail settings. It seems that the specific event is not triggered for some reason.

Any advice ?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Christof!
I check the function here on my system. The cam must be in motion detection or continuously recording for this to work. Otherwise the cam connection go to sleep and connection lost is not detected. I´ll be back.

Yes, it seems to be like that. I waited for 4 of these messages in the Event log:
Connection with rtsp://root:xxx@ has been lost. Will try to reconnect in 500ms…
But no email notification.
I forward this to our developer @Steve for evaluation.


My camera was in motion detection.

Thank you for your help.

You know my server is protected by a UPS, but my camera is not. So it is very helpful to know when and if the power supply in your house is off: The camera will be powered off and the Server (which is in UPS) will send me an email !!!