Feedback on performance

I thought I would give you some positive feedback!
I have approx 30 network cameras, using a dedicated server for allowing multiple users (parents) to see their children at school. 24x7 recording. MJPEG. Sometimes there are 17 users logged in.
System has run for 5 weeks with one system crash which was not possible to diagnose if Netcam Studio or something else.

Hi Dave!
Thanks for the feedback, especially the positive one :wink: ). It would be very valuable if you also could tell us a little bit more about the hardware. Cameras; in general if it is VGA, HD, Megapixel … The server; OS, processor, ram and also the CPU load. NCS: continuous recording, background encoding.
If you have the time to write this it will certainly help other users to setup their system.

Thanks for the feedback.

Regarding the crash, if logging to file is enabled, it’s alway good to have a look at them if something special occured just before the crash.

I have 2 production servers also running flawlessly 24/7 and it seems to be the case for most users even if due to the large amount of hardware and functionalities, there will always be some special situations where it won’t perform so nicely.

Regarding the system config, better late than never:

i7-6700 3.4G 8MB
Asus H170pro
DDR4 8 GB x2
SSD 256GB system
SSD 480GB recording

Approx 30 IP cameras
DLink DCS920 x 26 resolution mostly 640X 480
Chinese no name, using Eminent 4482 to connect x4

Serving all to port 8100 and same log on details for multiple users.

Recording all 24x7:
Video quality: best
Preset: Fast (fastest compreesion setting on slider)
Ultrafast: not selected (due to problem already posted)
Images/sec: slow 3FPS

CPU load 10-13%

Note: Control panel/ power options: HIGH performance must be selected!

Oh, no other facilities used, such as motion detect or notifications.

Hi Dave!
Thanks a lot for the excellent information! Always good to have some guidelines for users!
Thanks again, good luck and you know where to find us ;).

You’re welcome.
One other thing: Server 2012 R2 standard.