Focus73 - will it work?

Hi All, quick question, would the Motorola Focus73 work with Netcam Studio?

thanks in advance

Hi Shane!
It is not plug-and-play if you are looking for that. We do not have a predefined template for that camera today. However, since it is a cam with 720p with h.264 it most likely use rtsp for streaming and if we find the correct URL the cam can be added to NCS using Custom URL. To get PTZ working needs more analysis.

Thanks for the quick response Henrik. I haven’t actually bought the camera yet, so I think I will cross it off my list for now :slight_smile:

I will take a look through the compatible cameras.

Thanks again.

Good choice ;). All cameras are not on this list so the best you can do is to download NCS, install it and check in the templates if the camera is there. If you need a cam with PTZ use one with a template. If you do not need PTZ we can always add it by the Custom URL.

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