Help on motion capture

I need some support for settings on motion detection capture.
Where i can upload an mp4 to have your suggestion ?

Hi Paolo,
You can use Dropbox or Google Drive and there are more.

This a video of automatic packing line, my idea is to take a picture of each pack passing in the line.
In the past we use a color “yellow” motion detection but now i’ve some problem for settings.


And the problem is?

To configure the motion to take just one picture at the right time.
I’ve try many configuration without any success probably because the reflection on the rollers create false detection.
Now i’m trying with speed detection but probably is not born for that.
Any idea or possibility color detection for future


Yes, that is certainly a challenge. I assume you know that there are several systems on the market for that, but they are most likely a little bit more expensive :slight_smile:
I checked the movie and unfortunately that yellow label can be put anywhere. Some suggestions:
-first use the Detection Zones in the menu for Motion Detection. Block everything that is not relevant.
-test the algorithm for blob detection.
-adjust the Threshold and see if you can start the motion detection when the object pass into the detection zone.
-experiment with the Rule manager if OnMotionStart a recording will start or a Timelaps will start to take a number of pictures until motion stops…

A really interesting application, but challenging.
Good luck and I am looking forward to a report how it goes.