Help to connect new DB Power IP Camera on existing LAN with 6 cameras - solved


Hello Henrik and Geoff

Sorry for answering you so late, i couldn’t earlier because of work.
Thank you for your answers. How can i find out that Custom URL?

This is what the Onvif DM shows with the cam.
When i try to apply changes, it doesn´t work

Kind regards



Hi Christian,
Write changes to the camera will probably not work. You find the URL in the onvif manager here

In NCS add the camera using Custom URL.
-set stream type to rtsp_tcp
-address should have the format rtsp://username:password@IPnumber/what is after the / in onvif manager…

In my case I use rtsp://username:password@

Most likely port number 554 is not necessary to use.



Hi Henrik.

I have already tried the rtsp stream and it works perfect on the vlc player for example. But the goal is to get that camera working on my nvr recorder and on my dreambox satellite receiver as an IP-TV channel (This ist still working perfect with a Instar Camera). I tried all different settings, like ONVIF, RTSP, HTTP and so on, but no results at all. Only in VLC or Browser it is fine. The Instar Camera works fine with all my systems. I don´t know what i can do anymore. By the way: The Instar Camera is on ONFIV 2.4 and the DB Power Cam on 2.5.



I can help you with Netcam Studio. Is NCS what you call the “nvr recorder”?
What is the model of the DB Power camera?
What is the URL that onvif manager reports?


Hello Henrik

No i got it to work. Thank you very much. My fault was that i did not select rtsp_tcp as stream type.

Finally i got all of my Cams working with Netcam Studio.

Greetings Christian


Excellent! Now we are all happy :smile:



Well done Henrik … again !!!