Here is an odd one - FPS reducing with time


Hi Henrik,

Switched to Software_vlc but didn’t notice any difference, same FPS drops.

I will keep trying to fix it.



Changed to software_vlc and it didn’t seem to make a difference.


Ok guys. For me in all my systems changing to software_vlc the fps will not drop and in my biggest production system fps will go up (don’t drop from original fps) for rtsp connections. I have tested this several times with the same result.
First, after saving software_vlc you need to restart.
Second, when changed to software_vlc and restarted and put the cameras in motion detection do you get the yellow frame around the video image or not?
I assume that you run NCS ver 170.


Yes, I get yellow frames, but it still drops off on the fps.
Just now, all 3 were sitting with yellow frames at ~15fps and I restarted the service and they all jumped back to ~30.

One other interesting thing I found was that while testing another open source program, with 2 streams coming from the same camera and going to each program on the same computer, the FPS dropped back on NCS but stayed up at ~30 on the other program. This tells me that it’s not likely the camera or the computer that’s the issue.

By the way, I really appreciate all the work you’re doing to try to figure this one out.


Also, yes, NCS ver 170


Thanks, but it’s my job trying to figure this out so I am happy with all help I can get!
Interesting is yellow frames and drops with the service. I get no yellow frames no drops running ncs x. Can you switch and I will switch also and we’ll see what’s happening.
I am sorry if I am stubborn here, but are you really sure that you switched to software_vlc?


I think the yellow frame only means that it has motion detection enabled. (Mine is)
Yes, I am absolutely sure I switched to software_vlc:

  • Select Software_VLC in decoding settings - save
  • Restart Netcam Studio service


OK, fine. Yes, it´s just to indicate that motion detection is running, but it’s also an overlay which I do not have for some reason.


Just noticed this thread. Having the same issue. Can confirm similar settings, but haven’t tried the software_vlc. I actually just set my cameras (via their own firmware) to reboot every morning, but they’re always back down to ~15 fps by mid day. Any interruption of the stream seems to reset it back to 30fps so I wasn’t convinced NCS was the issue.


I have the exact same issue here. Did anyone ever get a fix for this?


Sorry, not so fsr. Use software_vlc if necessary.


I’ve switched to software_vlc and CBR. Will keep you updated @Henrik :slight_smile:


@Henrik So even though my cameras support up to 25fps, I have only ever had 20-21, dropping to 10-15. I have changed to Hardware_DXVA2, as software_vlc seems to distort the colours on the cameras. Also set the bit rate to the highest supported by my cameras (6144), and changed from VBR to CBR, restarted my ethernet switch and restarted the NCS Service. Frame rate now sitting at 25-26 for all cameras - highest I’ve seen it! Will check back in later, and tomorrow to see if high FPS is maintained…


Good job! Thanks for the report.
Since you say cameras things usually needs to be a little tweaked depending on LAN and processor and if you use wifi.
Yes, with the later versions of VLC there is a color distorsion. I changed back to VLC 2.2.1 that works fine.
Looking forward to next report :slight_smile:


@Henrik My 3 cameras and ncs server machine are all hard wired in through an Ethernet switch, so no WiFi here (only had 5-6 FPS with WiFi due to location of router / cameras / ncs server machine). Just checked in again and still at 25fps so looks like I’ve nailed it :slight_smile:


Not me. I’ve just kinda been putting up with it.


Just adding that I also experience the degradation of FPS over time. I am running the camera in onvif mode. I have tried many different configurations but falls from 25 fps to 8 fps. Just wondering is there is not a memory leak in one of the functions ?


Use software_vlc in Decoding Settings. Use VLC version 2.2.x.


With sincere thanks. Sorted