How may user / clients

Hi There,

I am using webcam XP for a live video stream that works really well.
In the next month orso we will have the needs that many user can view the stream , all at the same time.
Is that even possible with Webcam XP and where are the limits?


Hi John!
Sounds interesting! What I know the limitations are set by the computer: processor and ram, and network connection. You can control the stream in bit per seconds for one user (and one http request) and relate to the upload speed. Then you get a hint of the capacity. It will be lower than that since tcp traffic also use overhead. If you are expecting many user an alternative might be to broadcast instead, but I am not sure if webcam do that. What do you mean with many users?


Thanks for reply, any idea where I can set the bandwidth for the stream, I am using webcam XP and an black magic SDI input card to encode the video. And could not find the bandwidth settings.

I am planning to setup a second server , with better internet upload so we can serve more viewers, 100mb is possible and would like to serve 300 viewers, so a stream of 300kb (more or less) would be possible?

And how about the broadcast you mentioned? Do you mean multicast?

Thanks and looking forward to your reply


The best is to involve our developer @steve in this since this is out of my range. That is a lot of viewers and you will have much less than 300 kbits since tcp use a lot of overhead and also you want a nice continuous stream to the viewers. Netcam Studio might be better for this?
Sorry, I mean multicast. I was back in analog days of broadcasting ;).
I will put Steve on this.

For both webcamXP or Netcam Studio, the connection limit may come from the operating system not from our softwares.

People used to use webcamXP for this and it’s fine if hosted on a Windows Server, at the time XP and Vista both had connection limit (10 or 20) but I don’t know how it is now with newer OS and if such limit still applies…

Anyway in both cases there is no multicast, the software will send the every frames individually to each connected client.