How to flip webcam


I realy like tis program and would like to buy a 16 source option, but :smile:
At the current moment i use YawCam as this can flip the webcam image, can i do the same here ?

  • Flip horizental
  • Flip vertical
    If this can be done i can start buying a license !

Anybody … ?

Hi! There’s an option “Mounted upside-down” which rotates image clockwise for 180 degrees. Let me know if it works for you.

Sorry, I’ve just realized that this setting doesn’t work for webcam. I’ve fixed this in development environment - and it will be released with next software update.
Thank you!

Your a star Thanks !

When will this release will be released ?

Hi! Did you check 1.2.0 beta or RC1?

hello, yes i did and that doesn’t flip the webcam :frowning:

This happens when i press Flip :

Do you see any errors in logs?
I’ve tried on 2 different webcams with latest published build (I only have 2 :slight_smile: ) and it flipped just fine.
Also try saving and restarting app.

Here is what I see: