Httpget to record


Is it possible to implement httpget to start recording of a specific camera?

This would make my homeautomation much more useful.

BR// Andy.

Hi Andreas,
I am certainly not an expert on this, but a get command together with start recording is not quite clear for me. Today you have the command StartStopRecording that you can send from your system to control NCS, but that do not work?

Hi again…

Would this link: http://localhost:8124/Json/StartStopRecording?sourceId=3&enabled=true&authToken=*****e*6-****-**78-****-**a7****a**8

start recording on my Camera number 3 ??

And the same command would stop the recording??

BR// Andy

I followed these instructions myself to test this for some time ago and it worked very well.

Your link above seems correct what I can see. Just change true to false for stop recording. Do not use the admin account since that token always expires. Create a new user account.

It is easy to test. Just send this to NCS and if it works you get an acknowledge back and of cause it should start to record ;).