HTTPS form availability from UI

Wo you have any idea when https will be available to switch on and off from the UI, as there is so much insecurity.

Hi Alvaro!

To start using https/SSL you need to enable that in the UI and to install a certificate on the server.

  1. https/SSL can be enabled in the web client, mobile web client, mobile app, in the login screen to windows client and finally by using https in the URL for the web client.
  2. Install a certificate according to this guide Running Netcam Studio Server on SSL / HTTPS


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Is SSL fully working now? The link suggests some bits don’t work.

Read my posting above.

What is the recommended way to generate a CSR ?

I am forwarding to @Steve

I followed those steps and it just breaks everything. Windows client hangs on logging in, and web client is completely unavailable.

Also that post you mention says "4. Enabling SSL in Web / SmartPhone Clients (n/a)… This article will be completed with more instructions "

Which is why I asked if SSL was fully working.

If the web app can’t run under SSL it’s a pretty insecure system and not really acceptable for any production environment.

I did this process myself for some time ago and it worked fine.

Can you tell me how to make the website serve the pages over SSL? That guide has no steps for ‘step 4’ so there is nothing for me to follow.

Ha ha, sorry for this. I did this again and obviously it was quite some time ago. SSL for website server I have to get back to you :slight_smile: