Impossible to list more than the first 48 videos in Library list view mode


One more GUI problem, today I am trying to list the videos (Library List view mode) but for unknown reason when I reach the 48th it do not load the next 48 pack whenever it says there are 1596 entries in selected period and the scroller size is far too big for expected ratio 48/1596.

If I go to Gallery view tab no problem the scrollbar ratio is “as expected” and if I scroll down it show the thumbnails 48+48+48…

First time happening.

By the way is there any debug/log mode that can be activated in NS ?


Yes, something seems fishy with the Windows client. When I change the date to display more recordings I get a lot of errors in the Event Log like:
-Failed Request for http://ibyte-recept-sound:8100/Library/Thumb/201612220335 from
HTTP Error 401 - Unauthorized
-Unauthorized access to http://ibyte-recept-sound:8100/library/thumb/201612220335 from

You can enable a log mode by going to C:\Program Files\Netcam Studio - 64-bit

and open one of these config files depending on if you are running the Service or the NCS X.

Change the value from false to true and restart.


Yes I have a lot of those errors too, too bad NS is not Open Source, so many bugs that will take so long time to fix :wink:

File log activated, but I think the developper should flush them faster because i’ve got 30 more lines in app Events viewer than in the log file that stopped in the middle of a line that is usual “file write with no flush” situation.

But for now restarting the client did not solved the problem of Library list mode still showing only 48 items with a “too long” scrollbar for the ratio of listed/total items. I wonder when it get (re)calculated/(re)scaled because in Gallry view mode whenever I see only a few thumbnails the scroolbar size size ratio is good.

Now I traced a bit of disk activity and seems that there is some Databse problem, did not check which DB motor NS is using but for now it looks like it shold be a jounalized DB and the DB jounral cannot be found, same for some “db-wal” but no idea what this one is but may be it is only a test to check if file exists.

I also checked if NS had some problem accessing thumbnail files on disk (dabatase inconsistancies) but all jpeg file access are ok no miss no error no file not found or file access error.

You can open the db using DB.Browser.for.SQLite

It’s SQLite DB ? ok no problem with it, have plenty of dedicated tools for it :slight_smile:

I did a few more tests and it seems that the new bunch of 48 videos are added only if I scroll down using the mouse wheel.

If I reach the bottom using keyboard or if I click on down arrow in vertical scroll bar zone it will just stop at the end of the list and add no videos.

But what is strange is that I didn’t noticed this behavior in the very first days of NS installation, it appeared recently and restarting NS client do not help.