Issue with AXIS 2400+ sources

Hi all,

I’m still evaluating Netcam Studio to see how it will work for us. We have some older Axis 2400+ units here in place connected to some older cameras that haven’t been replaced yet. Now, if I had the 2400+, it seems to add the quad view to record. I my case I’m wanting it to record each individual camera stream (3 out of the 4). This is normally done with:

http://<ADDRESS>/axis-cgi/mjpg/video.cgi?camera=<CAM NUMBER>

Adding camera 1: no problem
Adding camera 2: no problem
Adding camera 3: shows a still image and the time doesn’t change.

I know it works, as I had it connected to another software package we’re evaluating and it was showing the video stream like normal. Currently I have a total of 6 cameras on NCS to test it - 3 ip cameras and 3 cameras through the 2400+. The last 4 cameras of course show for evaluation only.

Any tips on why I can’t get a live stream would be most appreciated!

Update: I’ve found that this bug seems to be related to taking anything more than 2 streams from the Axis 2400+ unit. ie: If I add stream 1 , stream 2, stream 3 - stream 1 and 2 work fine, stream 3 will start initially then stop showing the last frame captured.

If I delete stream 2, stream 3 comes alive

If I then add stream 2 back in, stream 1 and 3 stays alive, but I am getting timeouts for stream 2.

I should note that this is the demo/trial version. I can add other cameras on my network without an issue (shows the unlicensed camera text) but I can’t get more than 2 cameras to work from 1 Axis…


No it’s not related to evaluation or trial mode so there is something preventing to open too many connections. Do you have such settings in the camera ?

Are you sure that the other software uses also MJPEG and the same connection url ? (because using the JPEG mode this probably won’t occur since the connection is released after every image)

It’s common to have limitation of number of cameras however on a quad camera system like this axis of course there is probably more than 2 connections available.

Are you sure that nobody else or no other software was connected at the time of your tests (and therefore also using connections) ?