Issue with email notifications

Often i receive an alarm message, dated at 02.00 AM for example, with a picture witch have been taken the previous afternoon.
In the library, the corresponding recording is well at 02.00 PM.
The motion detection is enabled from 11.00 PM to 07.00 AM.
Recording is enabled from 07.00 AM to 11.00 PM.
I try to send you two examples.

Is the camera connection lost or desactivated in the meantime ?

It can be at the time of reconnection of the camera that it will compare the last image before losing connection. Anyway we don’t have enough information to really understand how your system is configured and the result you are expecting.

For us to be able to reproduce the problem you need to exactly tell us the steps to do so…

hello Steve,

I send two pictures , the first is a screenshot of the mail sent on 06/11 at 23.01 and the second a screenshot of the record files for this time.
You can see than the corresponding record at 23.01 is correct (it’s night) and than the connection was good all day.
Regardless of the configuration, i think it’s a bug.

hello Steve,

since my last post, with some modifications in the configuration, the mails was ok. For now 5 days the mails i receive on my iphone are strange; the date and time is correct but it’s allways the same picture which is joined. The more strange is that on my PC the mails and pictures are corrects. That seems be an iphone’s bug but how is it possible to have 2 versions of the same mail !!! Is it a known bug ?