Issues with Netcam Studio


Netcam Studio over https does not work. I tested this on two different computers with two different networks and with different cameras.
The first test was with the ONVIF cameras and the openSSL generated keys. I could not connect to my camera from my website when I ran Netcam Studio server over https (it did work when I ran Netcam Studio server over http).

The second test was from a different computer/network using a USB camera. This time I used the 32bit version of Netcam Studio and I used your batch files to create the certificates. I did not change any value in those batch files so that I can be sure about the test.
I followed your instructions for using SSL (copied keys, changed values in the config files) still I could not connect over https.
Again, it does work when I run Netcam Studio server over http,
Can you please confirm that Netcam Studio server can stream the video over https to a webpage.


Hi, I have issue with web, I have multiple users and and 16 sources.
If I give permissions user view source 10-16 and view library, when this user try to view source 10, he get videos from source 0, source 11 videos from source 1.
How can I fix this? I’m now testing soft, going for 120+ cameras and 20 users, I realy need that only users supported to access can view videos.

Update version from dropbox link, now when try to open linbrary web asks for login, but non of my acconts can log in.


Hi! Thanks for this important info.
Yes, you are correct. When you are in the Library mode and have selected to view All Sources you get 10 and 0 and 11 and 1. When you select a specific source like source 11 it only shows the recordings for source 11. So it seems to be a problem when the option All Sources is selected in Library.
I will send this to the developers.

Regarding Edit:
Do not use the dropbox link. It is only for developing. Download from regular link on the web page!
Netcam Studio can start to ask for login if it has timed out and then you must start to reload the page and login again.

I just sent you a PM, but you do not have to answer.


Hi There,
Any updates on streaming over https?


Hi! No more update for the moment. I started to set up for https, but … Developer will respond.


Hi Menashay1!
Here are my results.
1.I followed the instructions in the guide with Microsoft SDK. Self signed certificates. I used a computer with Windows 7.
2.Running NCS X 64-bit. Connecting with:

  • windows client: no
  • web client (IE, Safari, Firefox, Chrome): yes
  • mobile web client ( yes. First connect using web client. Logout. Click on mobile client under the blue login to get and configure server for https.
  • connecting using Android App 3.4.7: no

3.Running NCS as a Service. Connecting using:

  • windows client: no
  • web client (IE, Safari, Firefox, Chrome): no
  • mobile web client ( no
  • connecting using Android App 3.4.7: no

According to the guide connecting with windows client have “partial support” for https. It did not work for me.

Android App and iOS app might not accept self signed certificate.


TLS/SSL Status?

Hi Henrik,
Thank you for this update. I am not clear on the web client.
Using Netcam Studion X 64 bit, when you embed the HTML tags into a webpage can you see the live stream on your webpage?


Web client: https://ip-number-ncs-server:8100
That will start the SSL process and ask you (in IE) if you want to connect to this unsecure site since it is a self signed certificate. Other browsers will connect direct.

When I use the HTML generator the result will be a http://… Just change to https://… and you can embed this into a web page. The https must include the Token otherwise it will not work. https://serveripnumber:8100/Mjpeg/0?authToken=81f878c6-0e48-4ca0-8b31-edf581b2bfff
If I put this into a web browser I can see the live stream.



Hi Henrik,
Did you use that same script to generate the SSL certificate and did you change values in that script?



I used same scripts (2 .cmd files) and same values. I only changed the path to the exe-files.


I now tried this twice and it does not work over https.
I could not play the stream not on a website and not with VLC player.
The video stream is showing when playing over http in both cases.


Just to be clear:
Does it work as in my paragraph 2 above with Web client and mobile web client or is it nothing?


Lo and Behold,
I managed to activate Netcam Studio x64 over https.

  1. I needed to test outside the network that streams the video
  2. I needed to add exception in Chrome to accept the self signed certificate
    When I did thees two steps I could see the stream on Chrome from a desktop computer.
    iPhone web client does not work

I will attempt to obtain a certificate from a CA authority and see if that works for me.
When you use the web client and the mobile web client is there a restriction as to how many users can simultaneously view the same video stream?


Excellent! I am also running NCS on https for the moment for some more tets.
No restriction to my knowledge since it runs through a web server. But, you must assign each user an account in NCS.
I also tested VLC. It asks if I would like to accept the certificate temporarily. It accepts a yes, but do not show a stream. The same in good old Quicktime. This can be due to self signed certificate, but I am not sure.

Android: Chrome web client and Chrome mobile web client work.
Android NCS App do not work.


Hi There,
Netcam Studio works very well for me. During the next couple of weeks I will test with a ‘crowd’ to test the performance.
The only one glitch that I have noticed is that IE11 and Microsoft Edge do not show the video stream. Chrome, Firefox and iPhone all play the stream without any issue (though Firefox does not like the width: -1)
Do you know how to fix the issue with Microsoft Edge/IE11 (Windows 10)?



Are you using the same account to on each of the browsers? We had an issue here where some user accounts showed no feeds but some others did. What I did was I stopped the service on the server, waited a bit and started it again, now I have feeds on all user accounts on all browsers (IE11, Edge, Chrome. Don’t use FF)

I am running Windows Server 2012 R2 for my Netcam server, and I use Windows 10 and my IE11 and Edge works fine.



Yes I am using the same account on both browsers. Already tried restarting Netcam Studio, the browsers, and the whole computer. still same result. IE11 and Microsoft Edge refuse to connect.
Just to be sure I tested with another computer.
Same result.


Microsoft … IE11 and Edge in win10 is a problem for me as well. When I connect with this:
or http:// it starts to download and save. What is missing to play the video? Works very fine in other browsers, of cause ;).


Hey. I just connect using http://IP:8100 then log in with the web client. Both browsers work fine like that.

Other than that I can be of no assistance. :pensive:


Hi. Thanks for info. This thread is getting a little bit to long for the moment. The web client and https works fine in the all the browser. The problem is when one use the HTML generator to embed code in a web page. For both http and https it will not work in IE11 and Edge in win10. FF, Chrome is fine.