Messages in eventlog

Hi all,

I just started with NetcamStudio and love it already, but… i do get a lot of messages in the log system.
They al are like (sorry it’s dutch):

Exception in ResponseWrite
Exception Detail:Kan geen gegevens schrijven naar de transportverbinding: De software op uw hostcomputer heeft een verbinding verbroken.

Any ideas on this?
Kind regards, Jimmy

Hi Jimmy,
My first thought was a lost connection to a camera, but then it says which camera which is not there.
Has it been working before and this happended just now or has it always been this?
I am asking because it is time for Windows updates again which sometimes can play some tricks on us.
If you look in the Event viewer in one of the clients there is a colored dot (red, green, yellow) before the message. Which color is it?
Is it working fine? Slow …
Hm, do you save recordings on the same computer or on a NAS?
Do you run it as a Service?