MultiFrame Packet ! We are discarding 2 bytes

I just updated Netcam studio as prompted to do so. I now get a Console / Debug Output error saying MultiFrame Packet ! We are discarding 2 bytes…
This error shows over and over and over at start up of the application. I cannot get past it. Help!

One of those anoying strange errors. If I would receive this error I should completely remove-uninstall the application. If you restart the installation file again and click on remove it should remove everything apart from settings and cams. Then install it again. Hopefully you have a working application. If not, report back!

Ugh. How is it I keep getting errors that force me to wipe and install again? Very annoying… Setting up 12 cameras over and over after updates really sucks.

No, if you do the above the camera settings are not removed. If you still get that error something must have happened with the 3 files that are not removed. Then we continue with a complete cleaning.

When I do an update I first start the “old” installation file and use Remove. Then I start the new installation file with the update. So far I have done this 4-5 times with no problems.

I do not think that this problem is related to the new update. This message (which shouldn’t occur on regular streams, at least I couldn’t find a single camera providing multiple frames in one RTSP Packet but I have seen this when streaming local files).

Anyway, I suppose that in your case the real reason is that before you were using VLC as decoding mode (probably to avoid this problem) and that now with the new version the setting value corresponds to UNBUFFERED mode due to the recent changes.

Before 1.3.0: 0: INTERNAL, 1:VLC

In case our Internal decoder causes problems with one of your camera, then try to switch back to VLC decoding mode.