NCS Service and iPhone app

I have followed the instructions to automatically start the NCS Service on Windows 10. However, I am unable to access using the iPhone Netcam Studio App.

If I stop the service and open the Netcam Studio Server, the app works fine.

I want to purchase this but I need to ensure that the Netcam app works in the event that the computer is reset.

Strange since it’s the same application. Always use static IP numbers to computer and cameras.
Start NCS service. In a browser enter http://NCS,_IP:8100 Then you should be able to connect to NCS. Stop the service and start NCS X Server and connect with browser. Are both working?
When using the mobile app make sure that https is not enabled.

I am using static IP on all cameras and on the PC running the software. I have no problem accessing the cameras if I manually open the Netcam Studio Server 64-bit application using the iPhone app.

I have the service starting automatically in Windows 10. I verify that the service says running. I use the same iPhone app and it gives me a time out error message when attempting to connect - both with external IP address and the internal IP address.

I stop the service and open the Netcam Studio Server 64-bit application file - then I have no problem accessing through my iPhone app with either the internal or external IP.

I don’t know where I am going wrong!!

Rick Anderson

Sorry, but you didn’t answer my question.

When I automatically start the service via Windows 10 services upon startup Neither using the IP address in a browser nor using the iPhone app works on my cell phone.

If I stop the service and run the Netcam Studio X (Server) 64-bit program on my PC, then both using the iPhone app or using the browser work fine.

Example, I boot my PC. Once booted, I receive a notification on my cell phone that Netcam Studio has started on default server. On my PC, I open the services and it shows that the Netcam Studio Services (64-bit) is running. When I try to connect via the iPhone Netcam Studio app, I get an error “login failed: time-out has occurred.” I get the same error when using the Safari browser on my cell phone. Using the same IP.

Now, in the services section in Windows 10, I stop the Netcam Studio Server (64-bit). Then I open the Netcam Studio X (server) 64-bit program. Both the iPhone app and using the Safari browser works perfect. Again, using the exact same IP address used previously.

We are getting closer :slightly_smiling_face:. I need the following. Do NOT use the cellphone.
Start NCS service. On the same computer start a browser and enter http://NCS_IP:8100. Do you get the web client login in return? If so can you login with correct credentials?

Well, I have gone a different route that seems to be working!

I created a task under Windows Task Scheduler to open Netcam Studio Server 64-bit when the computer boots up. I had to put a 1 minute delay in it to make it load properly. I have rebooted my computer several times and it has loaded each time. The iPhone app connects just fine once loaded.

Sorry for the trouble! I got the idea by reading several other posts on the community board.

I have successfully added a second camera. After testing for a few days - using some of the motion detection and recording functions, I will likely make a purchase! I used WebcamXP many years ago and purchased that one. I was happy with all the features. This interface seems much more robust. Look forward to the experience!