NCS Service & USB Cameras

I’m having some problems with USB cameras in NCS since the last update.
I have 2 Logitech USB cameras (C525 and C270) and other IP cameras from differents brands. NCS Server starts as a Delayed Service when Windows restarts.
Some occasions (about 50%) when I restart Windows, IP cameras work correctly but the USB displays “Failed to Connect”.
At first I thought it was a USB drivers problem and I try different things, but finally I tried to stop the service and start it again and it worked.
I currently have a task scheduled to run a script when I start Windows that starts the NCS service, with this I can delay even more the start of the service (than as delayed Windows service) and appears to be working properly.
Maybe it is a specific problem but I did not want to stop warning you since it started to happen with the last update



Hi Gabriel,
Thanks for your warning.
Actually, I am surprised that it works that well. NCS in developed in .NET Framework and differentiate between USB cams from the same manufacturer do usually not work. Your 2 models might differ enough though? It´s been discussed in several postings in this forum. NCS focus on IP cams ad the other product WebcamXP/7 focus on just usb cams.
So, I would be a little bit careful with this.

Well if the 2 cameras have 2 distinct drivers then it works fine. NCS only has issues when having to run multiple instances of the same driver…

Here it’s not related but yes it seems like a delayed start problem as you have already figured out (starting ncs before the driver is actually loaded / available). Also it could be that some webcam driver are not available or refusing to work when no user is being logged in in which case no matter how long the delay, it may not work. I remember such cases from long time ago in webcamXP but I actually stopped using webcams myself since couple of years…

Thank you Henrik and Steve!
No, in this case it is not a login problem because a user with administrative rights is automatically logged every time the PC is started.
As you said, I think it is related to a delay in the webcam drivers.
Thanks again

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